Hello From the Other Site… Well, the Same Site. But Better!

Hello From the Other Site… Well, the Same Site. But Better!

Posted by Amy Zhang on

Hey, hi, hello! Amy here. We left off last year with Joe sharing the perils of “business brain” and our struggle with always looking to, planning for, working towards the next thing. And, well, you probably won’t be surprised to hear that we’ve spent approximately half a day relaxing over the past couple weeks, and instead have used that time to finalize a soft rebrand and, you know, just completely reconceptualize both the website and how we plan on using it to share our work moving forward. Of course, a lot of this had already been churning in our minds and behind the scenes for months, but it wasn’t until the close of 2023 that we really had time to sit down and implement all the exciting updates and changes that we have coming your way.

In short, we’re leaning into what makes us who we are. Embracing the fact that, while I’m writing this blog post for our beautiful new website, I’m munching on pepperoni pizza rolls and washing them down with an Aperol spritz. That Joe and I got married at the Taco Bell Cantina in Las Vegas, but we also frequently use terms like “Bosch-esque” in our everyday conversations (TBH, this is mostly me — I’m definitely the more pretentious one in our relationship). That we are both incredibly serious and incredibly silly human beings. That we have equal appreciation for highbrow and lowbrow things.

And that, ultimately, is what we’re trying to do with this new-and-improved version of the AMY ZHANG site and shop. To bring you a high quality, well-crafted online experience with beautiful products, fun content, and a healthy dose of puns and personality, all rolled into one.

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So, consider this our hard launch. The Paper Boy is expanding! And his Paper Gal will be showing up more often, too. We’re bringing you bigger and better blog content, introducing really exciting new product categories (stay tuned for sneak peeks!), and in general, sharing more of the things we love with you. I hope you have a little time to explore all the new features we’ve introduced — and let us know what you think! I hope we nailed it.


Improved filtering, sorting, and searching

Pretty self-explanatory, but oh-so-nice for helping you navigate our rather large assortment of products! Choose to shop by occasion or by topic / interest — you can even check out a few curated collections created with specific people in mind.

New product features

We’ll be giving each new collection the attention it deserves, sharing some of the inspiration for our designs, and letting you in on the process behind the product. Check out our latest Love / Friendship / Valentine’s Day collection now!

More (and more fun) content

We’re not just bringing you more long-form blog posts! We’re also introducing product roundups to help you gather inspiration for card- and gift-giving holidays. Are you looking to lean into self care this year? Want to get an early start on your Valentine’s Day gifts? So much more to come!

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