Amy and Joe's Taco Bell Wedding™

Amy and Joe's Taco Bell Wedding™

Posted by Joseph Linscott on

Let's taco-bout love and weddings! That's right, we got married last month — on a sweltering holiday weekend, at the Taco Bell Cantina, on the Las Vegas Strip. In a space that simultaneously felt like any Taco Bell you’ve ever been to and your friend-from-high-school’s dad’s home theater, Amy and I tied the knot while surrounded by close friends, our officiant, and four massive televisions broadcasting our wedding to the room (and, as we found out later, to the entire restaurant downstairs).

As a retired wedding stationery designer, Amy took the invitations very seriously — but also, considering they were tacos, not really that seriously at all? She created a suite inspired by Taco Bell's own branding, complete with a sauce packet save the date magnet. (Side note: If you’d like for Amy to design and produce your wedding invitations, that’s gonna be a no from her — she still has a callus from hand-cutting each piece of each invitation set. But you can buy a “Born to Be Mild” sticker in its place.)

The dress code for the wedding was “Junior’s Department Formal," which prompted one guest to reach out beforehand to ask if a tuxedo romper was “too showy” (it was not). Amy was the belle of the ball in her wedding dress and a stunning bouquet of mild, fire, and diablo hot sauce packets — and I wore a “matching” ornithologically-themed button up (I was also provided with a hot sauce bowtie, but ultimately, we thought it might clash with the birds).

From our second floor chapel overlooking the corner of Las Vegas Blvd and Hermon Ave, Amy and I said “I do” to a lifetime of being Crunchwrapped in each others' arms.

Post-wedding festivities included waiting in line for more alcoholic slushes, finding out the restaurant doesn’t serve water, our friends squeezing the air out of hot sauce packet pool floaties, and wandering the Strip until our reservation at Roy Choi’s Best Friend, where we had our official wedding meal — because a case of tacos plus Cinnabon wedding cake is obviously more of a pre-dinner snack.

Needless to say, it was a (Baja) Blast, made even more special by the fact that not one, but two of our wedding guests ate Taco Bell for the first time that evening 🥂

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