A Brand NEW Product! (Or, How Raffy Has Become an Even Larger Part of the Business)

A Brand NEW Product! (Or, How Raffy Has Become an Even Larger Part of the Business)

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Drumroll, please…

Remember a couple weeks ago, when I wrote about how Amy is no longer the only artist in the family? That was our way of hinting at a brand new product that we’ve been working on — inspired almost exclusively by a “painting” that Raffy brought home from doggy daycare a few months ago.

So, after months of sourcing materials, testing out paints, and getting Raffy accustomed to a little too much daily peanut butter (don’t worry, we’re going on longer walks now), we have the finished products! Each of them is inspired by a different canonical artist, which was also our way of bringing in our signature Amy Zhang puns — we’ve got Furida Kahlo, Clawed Monet, and, my personal favorite, Vincent Van Goodboy!

The kits include colors that are used by and associated with each of the artists, two canvases, two plastic bags, and an instruction booklet with a QR code that links to a How-To video — which is really just mostly a video of Raffy licking peanut butter. And while we only had access to a canine model, we’ve made sure to make this something that (almost) any pet owner can share with their non-human children. (Somewhat related — sometimes Amy and I like to refer to Raffy as our “actual human son.”)


With packaging modeled after those old school introductory painting kits that we all had as kids, this product was designed as a fun, nostalgic way to give you and your pet(s) a lasting experience that you can frame, display, and cherish fur-ever.

Rather than keep telling you about the product or what went into making and designing it, though, I think it’d be best to let Raffy’s artwork (hopefully) sell you on what you’re getting.

(Above left) This one is a little amateurish in composition, but there are hints of his future potential obviously present (look at that exquisite nose in the corner!).

(Above right) This one looks like a face, but also there’s a tiger up there at the top.


And finally, in Raffy’s most recent work, we see his move into avant garde-ism. He no longer finds interest in the meaning held within structure and form, but seems to be developing a fascination with negative space.

Want to discover your pet’s artistic vision? Learn more (and shop) here — PET PROJECTS THIS WAY!

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