Raffy Takes Up Painting (Or, Amy’s Not the Only Artist in the Family Anymore)

Raffy Takes Up Painting (Or, Amy’s Not the Only Artist in the Family Anymore)

Posted by Joseph Linscott on

Amy’s the artist of the family. She’s the one who brings in the big bucks — well, her illustrations of chubby animals and good-looking food do. But, when Raffy made a painting of his own at doggy daycare a few months ago, everyone — and I mean everyone — fell in love with his artwork. Said artwork is currently on display in our living room. Amy may or may not have teared up a little when she first saw it. His grandparents can’t stop bragging about how talented he is. 

All of this to say, Amy ain’t the only artist in the house anymore.


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Now, you may be wondering, why do you guys show everyone Raffy’s artwork? Is it really that amazing?

Well, the answer is no. The paintings aren’t that good. He’s a dog. It’s clear that our little Beanie Baby just kind of poked his snout around the canvas and ate all of the peanut butter without really participating in the activity in full. That’s kind of Raffy’s whole thing around doing what he’s told — we’ve tried for two years to teach him how to roll, but he pretends to have absolutely no idea; yet we’ve used “Where do good boys go?” to see if he would go to his crate before he eats, and guess who learned that in one attempt?



As it turns out, we are those parents. We’re overly proud of his, let’s face it, mediocre-at-best art projects, and we constantly show them off to our friends, who politely humor us the same way they would over a human child’s work.

No, the real reason we’ve been showing anyone and everyone Raffy’s paintings is because they inspired a very exciting new product — one that we’ve been working on behind the scenes for the last few months. Want to be in the know? Check out some sneak peeks on Instagram @shopamyzhang, or sign up for our email list!

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