Cards We Think Raffy Would Get Us for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

Cards We Think Raffy Would Get Us for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

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Mother’s Day is three and a half weeks away, folks. That’s less than one month! Here at AZHQ, we’ve been slangin’ mom cards nonstop lately, so it seems a lot of you have been on top of your calendars and to-do lists! (By “slangin’,” I of course mean that we’ve been packaging and shipping each and every card carefully, meticulously, and lovingly).

Even so, we always get slammed with last-minute orders chock full of Best Mum, Hell of a Lady, Measure’s Up, and other assortments of our cards for moms. There was the year that Otter Mom went semi-viral on Etsy, and Amy finally had to turn the “cha-ching” notification off because it started stressing her out too much. Then there was the time our Self Care Card Deck was featured on a Today Show segment about Mother’s Day gifts, and Amy was in such a rush carrying the crate of orders into the post office (in the rain!), that she tripped on the curb and sent everything flying in what she vividly remembers as one of those cartoonish slow-mo moments. 

Nothing crazy like that this year — but hey, you never know. So get those orders in sooner rather than later! (And please, don’t be that person who tries to order Mother’s Day cards the Thursday before. That’s just not fair to us — or your mom, TBH.)

(Father’s Day is also coming up! But we don’t need to be as pushy about that, because it feels like everyone in a dad’s life has usually planned ahead accordingly. Oddly, we don’t really get last-minute Father’s Day orders. In fact, we’re not sure “Father’s Day rush” is even a thing. Certainly there isn’t any sort of ingrained and societally trained gender role-specific behavior that could be behind any of that?)

Anyways! In honor of all parents, prepared or not, here are the cards we think that Raffy would give to us, if he could.

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Otter Mom

For Mom

Raffy is a master at manipulating Amy’s emotions. He refuses to cuddle her in the way depicted on this card and he’ll spend an entire afternoon being bratty toward her — but at just the right moment, he’ll curl up close, lay his adorable little head in her lap, and suddenly, all is forgiven. Every. Single. Time.

Roll Model 

For Dad

This is another one of our cards that works for both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day — but given how many long, unsuccessful attempts I’ve made at teaching Raffy to roll, it would be just like him to taunt me with this card. (As an aside, Raffy does know how to roll. We’ve seen him do it plenty — he just refuses to do it on command.)


Love Bean Your Kid

For Mom and Dad

Did you know that the word “potato” in Chinese translates back into English as “dirt bean?” Amy does — and now, by extension, so do I. Raffy immediately earned the nickname “Dirt Bean” because of his penchant for rolling in the dirt — And now, in the way that couples develop their own vernacular over the years as a result of countless inside jokes, “Dirt Bean” eventually became “Baby Bean,” “Beanie Baby,” and finally, “Little Bean.” 


What card would your little bean choose? Browse all our cards for mom and dad!

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