Cures For Your Winter Blues (Or, Some Retail Therapy for the Saddest Stretch of the Season)

Cures For Your Winter Blues (Or, Some Retail Therapy for the Saddest Stretch of the Season)

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* We only include products that we truly like, and they often (though not exclusively) come from fellow small businesses — occasionally, the links we share may earn us a small commission. As it turns out, a lot of the things in this particular post can be found at Target, which makes sense given that it's basically our second home base. We go there so often that Raffy actually gets excited when we pull into the parking lot...

Welcome to the hardest stretch of winter. The part of winter where there are no more holidays or holiday-related activities to occupy your time — gatherings, dinner parties,  shopping for gifts, wrapping gifts, basking in all the gifts you received... Yeah, there’s none of that anymore. Just a long, cold stretch of time where each month, from January until mid-April, feels like that part of the work week from Monday-Thursday where it feels like Friday is never going to come.

So, to help you through those wintery blues, we’ve assembled a list of some blue items that are sure to warm your frozen, bitter heart. (Indigo tones are also trending for spring, so as an added bonus, you'll be ahead of the curve!)

Empress 1908 Indigo Gin

from Target ($39)

Listen, it’s not dry January anymore, and sometimes the best way to get through a long, cold day is to make yourself a nice cocktail. Pair this with some Elderflower liqueur, a squeeze of lemon, a couple sprigs of mint, and top with Prosecco for one of Amy's favorite cocktails, a Hugo Spritz.

40oz Travel Tumbler in Cascade

from Hydro Flask ($40)

It’s not the same brand as what your dad drank on his way to work every morning, but it also won’t give you lead poisoning. And let’s be real, they’re still a status symbol, even if the kids don’t make TikToks about them.


Currant + Juniper 13oz Candle

from The Lys Collective ($33)

Maybe it's because the berries are blue, but juniper as a scent has always felt very "blue" to Amy. (Don't ask her to explain it more than that, please.) We may not be olfactory experts, but that doesn't mean we can't appreciate a unique wintery scent that melds classic pine with warmer, richer notes. Even better? This coconut apricot creme wax candle is hand-poured and 100% phthalate free.

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Cast Iron Skillet in Blue

from Target’s Figmint brand ($10)

We’ve got a dutch oven from this brand and we love it. When you can’t stomach the cost of Le Creuset but want the style and the sturdiness, you can't go wrong with this version (at least we haven't, yet). First idea for what you can make in this mini skillet? Chocolate chip cookie. You're welcome.


Nessie Ladle in Turquoise

from Animi ($31)

Is this practical? Well, what’s your definition of practicality? Technically, yes? If you want your kitchen accessories to put the fun in function, then this is the perfect way to liven up your winter stews — it is still soup season, after all.

Bucatini Sweatshirt

from Cold Cream ($45)

Amy has this sweatshirt. Joe has the “Gravy” version of it. Sure, we feel ridiculous when we wear them together out in public, but what’s the point of being married if you aren’t constantly wearing matching outfits, both intentionally and unintentionally?


Whale Done Congrats Card

from Amy Zhang ($5)

Congratulate your loved ones for any number of achievements — graduating at the top of their class, getting that big promotion, or you know, making it through the holidays or surviving yet another frozen Northeast winter.

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