Chilly Bean SZN (Or, Will It Ever Be Warm Again?)

Chilly Bean SZN (Or, Will It Ever Be Warm Again?)

Posted by Joseph Linscott on

* We only include products that we truly like, and they often (though not exclusively) come from fellow small businesses — occasionally, the links we share may earn us a small commission.

You might be familiar with our pup, Raffy. We've talked about him on the blog before, he sometimes makes cameos on our Instagram, and he also happens to be the little mascot you see at the top of the page (or on the backs of our cards!). As with most dogs, he has many little quirks — including (but certainly not limited to) swallowing his Greenie's whole unless we break them up into little chunks for him, hunching under any piece of furniture in order to look as pathetic as possible, constantly trying to anticipate what we want him to do (which often results in him lifting his paw up to "shake" right after we've asked him to "lay").

Some of his cutest quirks didn't emerge until Amy joined our lives and introduced him to little luxuries like sweaters and blankies... since then, he's commandeered basically every blanket in the house, started demanding we help tuck him in at any given moment, and recently, decided that he can only go to sleep if Amy and I simultaneously lift his bedroom blankie up and tuck him into bed together. If your dog is like Raffy, being cozy is the only thing in the world that matters (other than dinner, of course). And if that's the case, we’ve got an assortment of goodies that will keep your little bean cozy for the rest of the winter season.

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Leaf Shaped Blanket

from Amazon ($30)

We’re not saying that this blanket is so cozy that you’ll end up wanting to steal it from your dog... but we’re not not saying it, either. This blanket is perfect for snuggling under. It’s super thick and warm, and also makes for a great blanket to lay out on the floor if your dog likes laying in the sun.

Frisco Cable Knitted Sweater

from Chewy ($16)

Chris Evans circa Knives Out isn’t the only one who can look stylish in a cable-knit sweater. 

Cyber Punk Dog Hoodie

from Spark Paws ($34)

Keeping the 90s alive one fashionable dog at a time. And don’t worry about feeling left out, they have the same hoodie for humans.

Plush Cuddler Dog Bed

from L.L. Bean ($70)

This is yet another item that will quickly make you jealous of your dog. So before giving it to your dog, maybe test it out with a quick nap?

Cool Factor Sherpa Hoodie / Carhartt Chore Coat

from Canada Pooch ($48) Cabela’s ($50)

Don’t let your dog feel left out when you leave the house. Get them one of these warm, comfy jackets depending on their mood. Or, if you can't choose, get them both so they can channel grumpy old man one day and stylish young pup the next.


That's it! It's not in our best interest to suggest anything else because, while doing research for this post, we already caved and bought something from this list for Raffy. (Okay, it was for all of us. We all have matching sweatshirts now. Whoops.) If you came here for our cards, feel free to browse through Animal Lovers collection for pet-inspired goodies (but tbh, this post isn't really about that).

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