35 Thoughts on Turning 35 Or, Will I Ever Feel Like a Real Adult™️? Signs Point to “No.”

35 Thoughts on Turning 35 Or, Will I Ever Feel Like a Real Adult™️? Signs Point to “No.”

Posted by Amy Zhang on

I officially entered my mid-thirties yesterday, and as with most things that I build up in my head, it doesn’t feel like that big of a deal now that I’m actually here. So, here are some thoughts about hitting this kinda-sorta-milestone birthday — plus a few random ones about life trajectories and getting older in general. Also, the business turns 6 this year, so I guess I technically have a kindergartner now.

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    1. Man, I really missed the window on making it onto the Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

    2. It’s crazy how most pro athletes in their 30s are considered old and/or past their prime.

    3. On the other hand, I recently hurt my thumb a bit because I grazed it while stepping into my shoe a little too emphatically.

    4. How old is too old to wear crop tops?

    5. And what is this wrinkle on my lip??? (Apparently, 35 is when I start seeing the consequences of sleeping with my face mushed too aggressively into my pillow.)

    6. Also, like, do I just… keep getting more tired?

    7. My dad once said that caffeine doesn’t actually make you less sleepy, it just makes your sleep worse. I finally understand what he means.

    8. But will I cut back on my coffee consumption? It’s gonna be a no from me, dog.

    9. Oh god, the first season of American Idol aired over two decades ago.

    10. Oh god, two decades ago I was already fifteen?!

    11. I thought I was going to be a professional pianist back then, lol.

    12. A lot has changed since then, including what I wanted my career to be — librarian, magazine editor, art historian, etc.

    13. Of COURSE, small business owner was never on the list.

    14. But I have managed to fulfill a few lifelong dreams along the way — like using those giant ribbon-cutting scissors! And finally being able to put together a home library (because I married someone who hoards collects as many books as I do).

    15. Maybe this will be the year I achieve the biggest goal of all — having a library ladder in my home.

    16. That does mean I’d have to figure out how to anchor things to my walls, though…

    17. It also means I’d have to own my own walls…

    18. Well, I’m not ready for that just yet, but at least I’ve finally invested in a wick trimmer.

    19. 20-something Amy would scoff at spending money on something so “unnecessary,” but honestly? Total game changer.

    20. Besides, 20-something Amy never wore SPF or supportive shoes, so can we really trust her opinion?

    21. When did I go from feeling youthful to complaining about “The Youths” à la Schmidt from New Girl?

    22. Maybe it’s when I started experiencing trends the second time around.

    23. I guess straight-leg jeans aren’t so bad, though.

    24. It’s also cool how much more I know my own taste now. See a trend that piques my interest? Great, I’ll try it. Otherwise? Not for me, thanks. On to the next!

    25. Same goes for the business. No more SHOULDS! What a relief to finally lean into trusting my gut.

    26. I should probably treat my literal gut to a few more veggies, though.

    27. And I should stop shopping in the juniors department, if only so my shirts stop losing their shape after a couple of washes.

    28. While we’re at it, I also should probably wear my glasses more often even though I “don’t technically need them” a lot of the time.

    29. Okay, so some SHOULDS can stay — you know, if they’re more “for my own good” than a gut-check, “how do I feel about this?” type of thing.

    30. Speaking of gut-checks, my life would lookso different if I’d gone through with moving to London for that medieval literature Master’s program…

    31. Who’s to say where I’d be — but I’m so happy my path has led me to where I am now.

    32. I am exactly where I need to be in this moment.

    33. And I can't wait to see where I go from here.

    34. I'm finally learning that being content with where I am AND continuing to put in work towards my goals are two things that can coexist.

    35. Thirty-five is gonna be good.

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