Why Is Halloween So Popular In Stationery???

Why Is Halloween So Popular In Stationery???

Posted by Joseph Linscott on

Why is Halloween so popular in the stationery world? Why are we selling so many Halloween cards? Why does everyone have so many Halloween cards? Who is thinking about Halloween coming up and goes, “Oh, I need to send some cards.” A lot of people, apparently. (NOTE: This isn't a complaint. Please buy more of our cards! Our dog, he needs so many sweaters to keep warm this winter, and we need the funds to buy them.)

But still, what are we doing here?

Is it because of the costumes? Do people like the idea of taking one night out of the year and dressing up as someone else because we’re so trapped in our daily routines of wake up-work-eat-pay bills-sleep, that putting on some bat wings and flitting about around the yard is the only way you can feel alive? Does dressing up as twins make you feel alive because, hey, you can’t actually be twins, one of you’s a dog and the other one of you’s a human? Is it the covering up of yourself that gives you the sudden urge to send a card?

Is that what it is?

Or, is it the candy? The excuse to eat whatever sweet treat you want because, well, if everyone’s gonna just put them out there for anyone to take, why not rifle through and skip all the Mr. Goodbars and beeline straight to the Butterfingers and take a few because, well, you don’t typically do this, but if they’re just right there, then you may as well. Is it the treating of yourself with something (or some things) that reminds you of how others in your life make you feel good and you want them to know?

Is it that?

Maybe it’s the adrenaline rush you get from watching spooky movies? The on-edge feeling you get when you see the protagonist stupidly go into the dark house, and you wonder what thing will jump out at them, and in turn, you, and give you that quick tug to your stomach that tightens the knot you didn’t notice was there — a theatrically controlled version of the anxiety you get when you leave the house and worry that you left the curling iron, coffee pot, or stove on, but more fun. And in that scary excitement, do you long for someone to be close to you, and so you reach out to them with a card?

Could that be it?

Or maybe you just really like black cats? Or witches? Or bulbous orange gourds? Or plants dressed up as bulbous orange gourds?

Whatever it is — keep doing it, and keep buying our cards, because connecting with our loved ones is so special any time of year. But also, because we have to bolster Raffy's wardrobe with more cold weather gear. Seriously. Winter is coming, and he is SO chilly.

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