Road Trip Recap — Denver to LA to Denver to Iowa to New York to New Hampshire to New Hampshire

Road Trip Recap — Denver to LA to Denver to Iowa to New York to New Hampshire to New Hampshire

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This blog post is late. You didn’t need to know that, but I thought it would help emphasize how crazy this month has been. (Good thing we have a card or two for this kind of situation.)

Let's rewind.

So, on top of lifting our business and our life up out of Denver and moving it all across the country to New Hampshire, we also had the opportunity to go to Amy’s childhood friend’s wedding a couple weeks ago.

An aside: Amy doesn’t really like that term — childhood friend — because it doesn’t actually capture how she and Jenny became friends. Long story short: both sets of parents lived in the same town in Massachusetts, in the same apartment complex. Then, both sets of parents move away with their families. Cut to: young adult Amy and young adult Jenny "meet" while studying abroad in Italy. They discover that they're both from the same small Massachusetts town, and after consulting with Jenny's mom, find out that their parents were friends, Jenny and Amy had the same babysitter, and Jenny’s parents still have a picture of baby Jenny and baby Amy (who is, inexplicably, grumpily clutching a Rubik’s Cube in said picture).

So, Amy's childhood friend was getting married in California, and we were still in Denver. Quick flight, right? Wrong. Amy and I stressed daily about what kind of possible disruptions all the recent airline problems could cause us — especially because we had to return to Denver ASAP after the wedding to pick up Raffy and immediately head east.

So, on July 7th, we drove (to Las Vegas, where we got to revisit some of our favorite restaurants from our wedding weekend).

And on July 8th, we drove (to California, where we got ready for the wedding in the parking lot of a strip mall).

We did some dancing, ate some cake, and got a quick glimpse of the beach.

And then, we drove again. All night. All day. We left Los Angeles at midnight on July 9th, hit Las Vegas around 4am, were blinded by the sun in Utah at 6am, entered Colorado at noon, got stuck in mountain traffic at 4pm, and picked up Raffy at 6pm. Then we did what any couple would do after an all night, sixteen-hour drive — we packed up what was left in our apartment, loaded up the car, ate one last meal from the best Chinese restaurant in Denver, and went to bed on a mattress on the floor.

What do we do next? Do we take our time, see the American midwest, travel light for the next four days as we slowly approach our final destination in New Hampshire?


See, Amy and I are the same person. We both think: why take our time traveling, when we can rush through the driving?

So, on July 10th, we drove to Iowa (12 hours on Google Maps). And on July 11th, we drove to Syracuse (12 hours, 30 minutes on Google Maps).

Then, from July 12th to July 14th, we just hung out in Keene, NH, because we arrived too early, and had to wait for the official start date on our lease (lol).

That’s 4,007 miles over seven days of travel, for those of you counting.

Anyways, we're here now! And things are finally settling down a little. Check in next month for more on our moving saga, including how our moving company broke all of our things — and how Amy's exceptional packaging skills saved the day.

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