Products Joe Wishes Amy Would Go Ahead and Design Already

Products Joe Wishes Amy Would Go Ahead and Design Already

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If you had told pre-pandemic-Joe that he would be married three years later, he would have laughed. If you had told pre-pandemic-Joe that he worked for a stationery business, he would have thought you meant station-ary (“what, like chairs?”). And if you had told pre-pandemic-Joe that he would come up with a lot of stupid puns and station-ery ideas... well, actually, he would have totally believed you. And so, in today's post, I present to you (yes, another list) some ideas I wish Amy would turn into products.


A few months ago, Amy was really into the idea of learning to illustrate digitally on her iPad. That lasted for about six days, but during that time, she asked me for random drawing prompts. I asked for a hot dog wearing a cowboy hat, and she did not disappoint.


I am a big wrestling fan. We planned our wedding (more about this later) date around AEW’s pay-per-view Double or Nothing event. I grew up with posters of Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, and The Hardy Boyz hanging around my room. I put on my own “shows” with my wrestler action figures as a little kid.

I also love food (read more about that here). So I figured, why not come up with a list of wrestler-based food puns that Amy could use for a calendar if she ever wants to corner the water-color art/wrestling niche.

A few ideas for that calendar:

Broth Lesnar
Also: Broc(coli) Lesnar, Guac Lesnar

Stone Fruit Steve Austin

Prawn Cena

Bean Malenko

... and literally so many more.

Of everything on this list, this is the one I want to happen the most... so stay tuned! 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼


Amy asked me for ideas about holiday cards for our upcoming release, and I was of no help because I couldn’t get my mind off of this card idea. She said it would be too much green — and I didn’t go to art school, so I couldn’t really argue.


This would just be a card with a lot of Cap’n Crunch cereal all over it. But, as with “Olive’s Calm” and too much green, that’s just a whole lot of beige for a card.


Amy really prides herself on designing sympathy cards that include puns, but aren't too irreverent. This one... might not strike the right balance.

DISCLAIMER: Anyone reading this who wants to attempt to steal any of these ideas… honestly, go ahead*. Amy and I spend so much time — more than I’d like anybody to know — throwing truly terrible puns at each other in the process of coming up with the good ones that you guys end up seeing on our real products.

*That being said, I will be devastated if you take the wrestling puns. Please let me keep those.

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