Celebrating AAPI Heritage Month (Or, all the Asian Food Cards Amy Has Designed)

Celebrating AAPI Heritage Month (Or, all the Asian Food Cards Amy Has Designed)

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It’s somehow already May (seriously — how?!?!), which means Mother’s Day is right around the corner, graduations are coming up, and it’ll be summer before we know it… and it’s AAPI Heritage Month! This one’s near and dear to me for obvious reasons, so I figured I’d take the opportunity to highlight a few designs from over the years inspired by my Asian-American, third culture kid experience. (Be sure to check out the end for a sneak peek at some new additions that are coming soon!)

All That And Dim Sum

Congrats Card

If you’ve been following along with our recent posts, you know that we’ve been on a big dim sum kick lately. And really, what’s not to like? So many options, so many fun shapes, so many cute steamers! A few personal favorites (that also happen to be featured on this card) — shumai, shrimp har gow, and egg custard tarts!

You All Oolong

Love / Anniversary Card

My favorite thing about this card? All the opportunity to fit in extra puns — write a heartfelt message inside to your brew-tiful, tea-riffic, mug-nificienti, partner!

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Bundle of Choy

New Baby Card

This bok choy card is one of Joe’s favorites from our whole collection — it earned a prestigious 10/10 in his “Ranking Amy’s Food Cards Based on How Much I Like the Actual Food” blog post from last year.

And Mein-y More

Birthday Card

Iykyk! And if not — there’s a Chinese tradition of eating longevity noodles on birthdays, because the noodles represent a long life. Slurping encouraged, since you don’t want to cut them short in any way!

Made Pho Each Other

Wedding Card

Another highly ranked card from Joe, and it was a Louie Award finalist this year, too! Truly a soup-erior card for your favorite newlyweds.

Coming Soon…

Sneak peak!

These ramen-themed notepads are coming to the shop next month! Keep an eye on the site, or sign up for newsletter updates — and in the meantime, browse the rest of our Asian culture-inspired cards HERE!

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