Have I ever mentioned that up until I met Amy I was ignorant of the stationary industry?

I have.

And while I still sometimes spell it “stationary” instead of “stationery” (see above), I feel as though I’ve gotten a good grasp on this industry and what it’s all about. However, there are still some things that just don’t make sense to me.

One of those things: retail holiday. Since the beginning of May, after shipping out all of our Noted orders, Amy’s been hard at work painting our upcoming holiday collection. Seeing as we’re approaching Christmas in July, I decided to finally ask her why she was focusing on holiday cards so early. Here’s the conversation below.

Me: Amy, why are you designing the holiday collection to come out in July?

Amy: So retailers need time to buy holiday products before the holiday season actually starts.

Me: ... Oh, yeah, that makes sense.


Anyways, Amy then went straight back to painting a skiing Santa, which will be part of a hip hop Santa collection that we're releasing (inspired by our bestselling Spice Girls Santa Card) — be on the lookout for those... in July.

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