After the #drama of the last blog post, we decided something more lighthearted was in order this time around — so we asked Raffy to pick out his favorite cards from Amy’s collection.

As he is with most people (read: every single person ever), Raffy was suspicious of Amy when they first met. He gave her his typical "I don't know you!" growl, grumpily strutted to the office, and ignored her the rest of the night. But quickly, that off-putting nature of his gave way to an excited jumping attack that would overcome him anytime she came through the doorway or he saw her car parked outside of our apartment. (This same jumping attack would cause him to drive his head into Amy’s shin one time, leaving him completely unharmed and her with a bruise that lasted well over a month.)

Fast forward to today, and he’s a mainstay of the business: part of the branding on products, on the website, heavily featured in our booth display coming up at *Noted, and our third team member in the studio. And like the rest of us, he’s got opinions about his mom's cards.

Pooch-as Gracias Thank You Card  10/10 

Get Well Pup Support Card  10/10 

Too Long Dachshund Everyday Card  10/10 

Jote [“Joe Note”]: We're not sure, but we think Raffy might be part Dachshund. For a small dog, he’s got a long body.

You're Fetching Puppy Love Card  10/10 

Jote: Raffy SUCKS at fetch. He can get the ball, but he doesn’t like to return it to us. Whenever we play with him, it turns into “sit on the floor and watch Raffy chew his toys” time.

New Digs Housewarming Card  10/10 

Merlot Before Bros Friendship Card  10/10 

Jote: Raffy is a lush. He’s obsessed with his wine-themed dog toys.

Best Of The Bunch Thanks Card  10/10 

Jote: Raffy loves bananas, but it means he’s always underfoot when we make our breakfasts.

Cream Of The Crop Congrats Card  10/10 

Jote: This is probably Raffy's personal mantra, since he has THE most inflated sense of self. Plus, he loves a pup cup.


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