You'll Love This Easy-Peasy DIY Mug!


I LOVED temporary tattoos as a kid, and after DIY-ing my own with my illustrations last week, the obsession is officially back! Who knew you could do so much with them?? This DIY mug was incredibly quick and easy to make, and I love that it retains the watercolor effect of my illustrations. Want to make your own? You can use any temporary tattoos — I used a custom design that I designed and printed myself! Read on for the materials and instructions!


mug, temporary tattoos, decoupage, brush, and sponge


Remove the plastic from your temporary tattoo and place (image side down) onto your mug.

Hold the wet sponge on the back of the tattoo until the image is transferred (about 30 seconds to one minute).

Let the design dry, then brush on a layer or two of decoupage to seal the design.

And that’s it!! Check your decoupage packaging for care instructions — I prefer to hand wash my mug just to be safe!