Studio Scenes: A Tour of the Amy Zhang Creative Studio


I love working from home — I set my own schedule, I can drink coffee from my favorite mug, and more often than not, I get to have Netflix or podcasts playing  in the background. One of the biggest challenges, though, is staying focused and motivated when you’re in the same space where you relax and live your personal life. I’ve found that creating a dedicated workspace for myself has been extremely helpful for my productivity — now that I finally have things set up, I thought it was time to share my new studio space!

amy zhang creative | artist studio tour | meet the maker

In our last apartment, I basically turned our living room into my studio — and while that was great for space, I also never truly put it together the way I wanted. When we moved into our new place last month, my main priority was to turn our dining area into an organized and inspiring workspace. For me, that meant having a separate desk for painting, a dedicated space for packaging orders, and plenty of organizational bins and boxes so I can do my best to keep my work surfaces clear and uncluttered.

amy zhang creative | artist studio tour | workspace decor inspiration


It’s amazing how many gadgets and tools (not to mention brushes and pens) I’ve collected over the course of owning my own business — I’ve also discovered that they pile up on my desk very quickly unless I have a dedicated spot for each tool. These cubby shelves were the perfect solution — some of them hold my papers and sketchbooks, while others have boxes and baskets that hold smaller odds and ends. Plus, now they’re pulling double-duty as the base for my painting table. Another necessity has been my slotted paper organizer, which holds a small quantity of my packaging supplies for easy access when I’m packaging an order. See below for a few more of my office essentials!


amy zhang creative | artist studio tour | workspace decor inspiration


And of course, I couldn’t have an inspiring workspace without some pretty decor! I have a mix of my own and others’ work, as well as a bulletin board where I collect inspiring images — a physical moodboard of sorts. My plan is to add a floating shelf on the wall above my computer/packaging desk, and then I can display a rotating selection of framed prints!


amy zhang creative | artist studio tour | workspace decor inspiration